Survive being knocked out-cher, get a voucher!

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lms-logo2Ok, it’s terrible but my headlines have to rhyme or have some sort of pun in them – It’s a sickness!

As an apology I have great news. We have a €50 Amazon voucher from the winner of our FREE week 6 game. Simply enter for FREE, make sure you pick well (avoid a Man United type calamity) and outlast the rest and we’ll give you a completely FREE Amazon voucher.

There are new games every week and we are waiting on a delivery of new merchandise that we can offer as prizes so make sure you keep signing up to new games every week!

It’s not easy to be the Last Man Standing, but if it was easy……

Join the game –


Game Week 4 review

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lms-logo2Time flies when you’re having fun !!!

Can you believe we are already 4 weeks into the new season ?

This week seen some shock defeats and draws which would have upset a lot of peoples selections.  Did anyone predict Man City being held to a 0 – 0 draw at Stoke City ?

Did anyone see Everton beating Chelsea ?

I’m sure if you are a Manchester United fan these results would have made you happy. Not to mention Liverpool drawing  2 – 2.

Did you squeak through to week 2!

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lms-logo2 After a slight delay in updating the results (shaking the cobwebs off the server) they are now in.

English Premier League Week 1 results went largely to plan with the top 4 all winning (United, City, Chelsea & Spurs obviously) we didn’t see a repeat of last years bloodbath.

Inevitably some did get caught – Benteke engaged beast mode, helping Lambert’s Villa beat Arsenal. Everton also stumbled to a draw against Norwich which hurt a few.

In the Spanish Primera both Real Madrid and Barca won (boy did Barca win!) The rest is a bit more of a lottery to my uncultured eye.

One more sleep!

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It’s nearly here!!

Well after a summer of will he/ won’t he it’s back to the business of football.

It’s a weekend jam packed full of games and we’ll start the process of trying to figure out what the hell Jamie Carragher is  actually saying!

We at predict a shock or two in the opening weekend so make sure you choose wisely and you’re not disappointed after week 1 – Like 76% of last year’s week 1 entrants!

You’d be mad not to join our free game where the winner gets a custom Tankart.

Get your selection in and pray to -insert your idol of choice- that you dodge a bullet in week one.

Follow us on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll remind you when to make your next pick.


All the best!

The last Man Standing in the office. is back!

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We spent longer on the sidelines last season than Marouane Chamakh but we’re both ready to make a glorious return - Chamakh (probably) for prem new boys Crystal Palace and with our (slicker than Chamakh’s barnet), new homepage.

LMSFootball Tankart
It’s T-6 days until the first ball is kicked in anger and we can’t wait. There’s only so many games you can watch against a ‘Asian Select’. We crave a crunching tackle which the opener (Liverpool -v- Stoke) should certainly provide.

The idea is exactly the same – Pick a winner progress to the next week, draw or lose you’re out. If you’re still not sure, check out our ‘How to Play’ page.

We have free and paid games. The winner of our first free game  will get an exclusive Tankard so you can sweat out the results with a cool beer.

For more info find us on:


Twitter @LMS_Football – Be the last man standing





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